Test Shoot with Dove Shore

$350 June 7th, 2015 10am-4pm with lunch provided

$350 March 29th, 2015 10am-4pm with lunch provided  SOLD OUT

The Los Angels Photography School is excited to have a Day in the Studio with Professional Photographer Dove Shore ( www.doveshore.com) .   This is a one day photography workshop in Los Angeles that only happened 4 times a year.

Have you ever looked at an image in a magazine, a movie poster or an advertisement and wondered how the photographer achieved that lighting? Well in this class you will find out how it was done. Dove will talk about his lighting set ups for all of his current editorials and advertisements.  In fact he will also recreate some of the set ups in this class.  After he shoots a few shots to show you the lighting you with have a chance to shoot your model in the same lighting setup. These will be images you can use in your portfolio and lighting setups you can use for the rest of your career. After this class you will have the knowledge that takes some people years to get through assisting a pro like professional like Dove.  Using studio & location lighting creatively can help convey moods and emotions in a subject which aid the photographer in achieving his or her vision. This is what we will explore and achieve on this day.

These are invaluable tools as most of the time budgets are tight but the expectation level of clients still remains as high as ever.

5 setups you will achieve from this class:

1) 1 light source – studio

2) “The cloud” – using two lights and achieving even lighting – studio

3) lighting for beauty/hair – studio

4) natural light – outdoor. Lighting from behind subject. bounce cards to fill in face

5) natural light – lighting without lights

You will also tern basic grip and set terms-

  1. Glossary of terms
  2. Set etiquette
  3. How to set up basic electric
  4. How to set up grip – C stand, A clamps, superclamps, rolling stands, frames, flags, silks and other various grip gear.
  5. How to build a mini boom, superboom, megaboom
  6. How to use a strobe pack and strobe heads
  7. How to use a pocket wizard
  8. Building – Lights – umbrellas, beauty dish, mola dish, softboxes, stripboxes, octabox and other various light shaping tools
  9. How to meter a light
  10. Build and meter a clean white set
  11. Breakdown

This will be a great investment for a photographer at any level. If you are just beginning and wanting the basics so you are ready to assist a pro or you are ready to get your portfolio out to art directors and editors, this course has something for you. Dove teaches at a pace that everyone will feel comfortable with and has great assistants there to give one on one if you need extra time. Dove loves teaching his secrets and can’t wait to meet you in the studio.

First things first ! Bring your camera to this class because we will spend the day shooting so you will have new images for your portfolio. If you don’t have a camera not to worry we will have extras. We will also have  professional models, makeup artists, hairstylist and a stylist!

This class is designed for students looking to learn more about studio and location lighting, we will explore various lighting techniques to help photographers with the basics of lighting. This day will be full of hands-on demonstrations and explanations of the right time to use the various lighting elements such as strobes, hot lights and Kino Flows. We will also go over the use of soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, grids, which help give the light shape.

In the afternoon we will spend time outside learning how to incorporate ambient light to generate different moods – all in effort to achieve personal style.

Learning the tools and techniques available in today’s photography is essential for successful photographers. But the ever-changing market and advances in lighting technology can make this challenging and often overwhelming. Not to worry as this class will simplify it all !!

We encourage you to bring lots of questions as well. If you have ever wondered what lights were used to create a certain picture, bring that picture to class you will learn how it was done.

Be sure to see Dove’s work on  his websites …. www.doveshore.com .  This class will be held at The Edge Studio -

Below are videos from past classes

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